[FIXED] Xbox One Won’t Recognize External Hard Drive

  • Sometimes Xbox One you won’t recognize an external drive. If you are looking for a solution, read the article below for step-by-step guidance.
  • The first step is to restart your Xbox, delete and reconnect your external storage device and connect it to a different USB port
  • In your Xbox to see if it’s recognized.
  • The Xbox One repair section problem has all articles on this topic.
  • If you can’t find a problem with your Xbox, check our Xbox troubleshooting hub.

The Xbox One is the Microsoft 8th generation videogame console and follow up to the original Xbox and Xbox 360.

The console installs each game completely to the hard drive but some games can be very large, and they can fill the 500GB hard drive quite fast.

Fortunately, you can buy an external hard drive and connect it to the Xbox One to have additional storage.

Sometimes it might happen that Xbox One you won’t recognize an external drive.

If you are in this situation and you are looking for a solution, then continue to read this article to learn how you can fix it.

However, first, make sure that your drive has USB 3.0 connectivity and has a capacity of at least 256 GB. If your drive is not in accordance with this requirement, it will not be recognized by your Xbox One.

Steps to repair an external drive that is not recognized by the Xbox One

Solution 1: Introduction Steps

There are some things you must try first. They are a very simple and intuitive solution but they can avoid you a lot of hassle:

  • Turn on your Xbox One because this is a quick improvement that usually helps in many cases
  • Delete and reconnect your external storage device
  • Connect your external storage device to a different USB port in your Xbox One console
  • Check the external hard drive on your computer to see if it is recognized.

Xbox One won’t recognize external hard drive sometimes. Here is the complete detail about External Hard Drive for Xbox One. Xbox One has internal hard drives of different memories. These are internal and fixed hard drive and you cannot change it without proper knowledge or expertise.

Buy External Hard Drive

So your first preference is to buy External Hard Drive but you have questions in your minds that will it work or not? Which brand is good and supportive? It May be recognized or not?

Yours questions are valid and perfect and you need a better suggestion and solution. All Xbox games have to be installed on the console hard disk from your purchased discs. Xbox hard drive is hard to be replaced and your warranty will be void if you do so. But the gaming console can support the external drive that is an easy solution to expand the Memory.

external hard drive
Xbox One won’t recognize external hard drive

Xbox have 3.0 USB support and 2.0 hard drives are not supported or slow. So choose wisely and buy SSD or Branded External Hard Disk for your console. Your primary concern is the storage space and the console have maximum 16TB external storage limit. Recommended storage space is 4TB or 8TB and that thing will help you in future with other options too.

External HDD Support – 3.0

SSD – With External Case

Branded External HDDs – Transcend, WD and Samsung

HDD Speed – 7200RPM is better

How Xbox One Recognize External Hard Drive?

To check whether your console detects your storage device:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select Profile & system > Settings > System > Storage.
  • If you see your storage device is listed it’s mean your console has detected the disk

If your device isn’t enlisted so check your drive and its specification whether it is as per requirement or not. Here are some tips below:-

1. Update your console

2. Confirm that your Power mode is set to Instant-on in power mode & startup option.

3. Try different USB port

4. Restart console once

Formatting Storage Device        :

When you attach your external Hard Drive with your console USB port. After detection procedure it will ask for formatting the drive.

1.        Format Storage Device as per console settings.

2. Enter your desired Name with the help of on-screen keyboard

3.        INSTALL NEW THINGS HERE for future installation on this disk

4.        Format Storage Device

Xbox One is ready to install games and apps on your external disk and now you can Move your pre-installed games to your external Drive.

1.        Settings on Xbox One

2. Go to System

3.        Storage

4. Scroll to Right for Select The Drive to move your game or app

5.        Transfer

6.        Select All to move all the items

7.        Move Selected to move items

8.        External Dive

9. Select Move for transfer

Note : The Move procedure will initiate after selecting the Move option.

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