Why is my Unrar File Unknown or Damaged

Most of the users complaining about The Archive Is Either Unknown or damaged.

This happened when you download a zip or RAR file.

WinZip / WinRAR

Malware Scan using Malware Scanner (like malware bytes etc.)

Re-download the archive file (Zip or RAR)

Repair the corrupted file using WinRAR

First Method

1. Open RAR or Zip file using WinRAR

Why is my Unrar File Unknown or Damaged

2. Select corrupted Zip or RAR file, Click from Tools from Top Bar, and Select Repair archive (or Alt+R)


3. Browse the location for saving your repaired file

4. Select the Format of your Archive to repair (RAR or Zip) and click the OK button

5. Close the Dialogue Box and Open the repaired file

Second Method

1. Open WinRAR

2. Select Corrupted RAR or ZIP file in WinRAR

3. Click on Repair Button

4. Browse the location for saving your repaired file

5. Select the Format of your Archive to repair (RAR or Zip) and click the OK button

6. Close the Dialogue Box and Open the repaired file

Repair zip archive using WinZip

1. Open CMD (Command Prompt from Run Menu)

2. Right Click on Command Prompt Run as Administrator

3. Change the directories of folder where the corrupted Zip file is located

4. Type: “C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip” -yf zipfile.zip

5. Press Enter from keyboard           

Freeware and Shareware Tools for Archive Recovery

Repair damaged archive Zip or RAR with Advanced RAR Repair, RAR Recovery Toolbox, Zipmagic, PowerArchiver, DiskInternals ZIP Repair, Zip2Fix, Object Fix Zip, Remo Repair RAR, DataNumen RAR Repair, SysInfoTools Archive Recovery, Rar Repair Tool, ALZip, etc. some of them are not free. Online Damaged Archive recovery is also available but WinRAR repair tools are best.

This type of error can occur due to RAR file corruption. Most common reasons for corruption zip files are an inappropriate rar archive download, severe virus attacks, CRC errors.

Why choose a RAR file repair tool?

This is the best and free solution to repair or recover zip files. Anyone can use this software to recover damaged or very damaged archive files. This is a safe, safe, and reliable solution that gives proper and safe results. ZIP data recovery software easily solves all user requests such as how to recover zip files, how to repair damaged .rar files, how to recover damaged zip archive files. This tool offers so many facilities such as:

  1. Supports to extract all damaged zip files and return them to a temporary location.
  2. Users can operate or install RAR file repair tools on any Windows platform.
  3. During installation, one can change the default language according to the requirements.
  4. The tool managed to restore WinRAR files, Winzip, 7-Zip, etc.
  5. Technical and non-technical users can easily recover files due to clear tool interfaces.
  6. ZIP Recovery Tool allows users to select locations where they want to save the recovered zip archive file.
  7. Secure or maintain a complete structure of zip data extracted after recovery.

Last words.

At the end of this blog, we want to say that if your zip file displays an error message, then don’t worry. Use RAR File Recovery software, and fix the problem “archive files are in an unknown format or damaged error”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an unknown file or damaged RAR file?

Open file using WinRAR and Select Repair button and a dialogue box will appear to save the repaired file.

How do you extract RAR file when it’s damaged?

Open WinRAR, select the damaged file and click on the Repair button and extract it to your desired location.

How do you open the archive is either in unknown format or damaged?

Re-download zip or RAR file to a different drive, scan file with antivirus, and Repair the archive using WinRAR Repairing Method.

Why RAR file is not opening?

The main reason for not opening the RAR file is that either the file is corrupted, damaged, or contained with a virus. Try to change the file extension of the RAR file. Try a third-party app to extract the file.

Is not a valid RAR file?

If you found the error “Cannot open this file: it does not appear to be a valid file”. This is because the RAR file is corrupted. Scan the file using antivirus, repair the file with WinRAR Repairing Method, or try to change the extension.

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