How to Fix- Why Did My Screen Resolution Suddenly Changed

1024×768 and 800×600 are the standard VGA default settings. But your GPU or Graphic Card gave you higher resolution if it is compatible with your Monitor. Sometimes your monitor not matched with the higher resolution and your screen resolution changed automatically than you need to check your entire hardware and software to tackle the issue.

Check Graphic Card Driver

First of all, check your graphic driver and also install it via the graphic driver website. Your graphic driver played an important role in your resolution and performance. If you have a built-in Graphic Card then install it according to your motherboard configuration and download the latest driver. If you have Graphic Card separately then there is a chance that it is not working properly because of Driver or need to check its Benchmark with the help of User Bench Mark Software. BenchMark software gives you the result of your graphic card performance and its health.

Uninstall Previous Driver or Roll Back Driver

Uninstall your previously installed driver and install a fresh driver. If you have already installed a fresh driver but it does not keep setting your resolution then Roll Back Driver from its properties. Sometimes your previously installed driver works properly as compare to the new one.

  1. Right Click on This PC
  2. Select Device Manager
  3. Double Click on your GPU or Graphic Driver
  4.  Select Roll Back Driver (Roll Backing will start)
  5. Click OK
  6. Restart PC
Why Did My Screen Resolution Suddenly Changed

Check Hardware (VGA or HDMI Cable etc)

If the cable is loose or damaged and did not grip perfectly then it may create problems. The cable also plays an important role to display correctly. Bent pin or missing pin in VGA or AVI cable or old cable is not good for display. HDMI cable connectors don’t have a long life if you unplug it regularly so check your HDMI cable that its connector is in perfect condition and there is not bent in the cable.

GPU Overclocking Method

Enabling the GPU overclocking option will increase the voltage of the GPU Clock and run on maximum performance. You can check whether it worked on not. It may not harm your GPU but have a chance to decrease its health.

Windows Update and Update your Driver According to Windows

The driver of your hardware is the main reason for what you see on your Monitor. Windows compatibility is compulsory for your driver. Sometimes your drivers are not compatible with your Windows so you have to install your Driver from Windows Update. Microsoft Windows provides compatible drivers in Windows Update and there are a lot of chances that the performance of your driver gives you a smooth experience and stable resolution.

Uninstall Monitor / LCD Driver

Your Monitor / LCD or whatever your Output device may not compatible with Windows or your Graphic Card so uninstall the Driver and use it as Standard VGA Monitor.


Windows troubleshooting and tweaking will solve the issue most of the time.

  1. Type MSCONFIG in run
  2. Services Tab
  3. Unselect Graphic Card (NVIDIA or AMD) services or Disable All
  4. Click OK
  5. Restart your PC
Why Did My Screen Resolution Suddenly Changed

Download Snappy Drivers Pack

Download Snappy Driver Installer from and try to download SDI Full (20.9 GB). If you don’t have high speed and unlimited bandwidth so download SDI Lite (5.1 MB). When you run the program it will give you all compatible drivers required to install and the compatibility is awesome and good news is that “It’s Free”

Install Fresh Windows or Restore your Windows Completely

Fresh installation may clear the bugs and install good Antivirus (Avast Free Version) because sometimes Miningwares is installed in your Windows and use your GPU for mining and this thing killed your GPU in days or max in months. So always use good antivirus like Avast, ESET Internet Security, and Kaspersky.

Research and Suggestion

When this article is being written I searched for material on the internet that which is the main question or queries regarding the resolution of fixing the problem. I found nothing and I was amazed that the troubleshooter did not take this matter seriously and I troubleshoot one of my PC that is facing the same issue. So I suggest that first of all check your hardware and start your troubleshooting from Monitor Driver and then with your GPU.

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