Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive? [5 Reasons]

There are gaming PCs out there as well, but why are gaming laptops so expensive than gaming PCs? This question comes to mind when a person has to buy a gaming laptop and they see that with the same specs PCs are much cheaper than gaming laptops.

In this article, we are going to look at the reasons why gaming laptops are so expensive.

5 Reasons Why Gaming Laptops are So Expensive?

Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive
Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive

Following are the core main reasons about why gaming laptops are so much expensive.

1. Overheating (Cooling Systems)

Overheating is the biggest issue on laptops, especially in gaming laptops, where one has to experience a lot of high performance with the best display output possible.

Due to the laptop’s slim size, there is always a lot of need for cooling instead of PCs. In PCs, there is not that much issue with cooling because of wide spaces between the components. But in the case of gaming laptops, the confined design requires a special type of cooling system.

So the manufacturers have to design the laptop so that every component of the laptop can dissipate the heat outside and maintain a normal temperature.

For this purpose, manufacturers have to invest a lot of money to design unique cooling systems for gaming laptops. It can also be considered a major factor in why gaming laptops are so expensive.

2. Process Of Manufacturing

If we talk about manufacturing gaming laptops compared to PCs, we can say that PCs are much easier to manufacture because of their big size and the factor that we don’t have to carry the PC anywhere. PCs can be built at home, known as Custom PC.

Whereas gaming laptops are manufactured in a complex and expensive environment, their small size with specs of a PC makes gaming laptops much expensive. Gaming laptops can not be built at home like Desktop PCs. They have to be manufactured well from scratch, so for that purpose, the manufacturers have to invest more.

Due to a lot of manufacturing cost that is applied to a laptop’s special small and slim design and other features that make a laptop a completely different device from a PC, gaming laptops are much expensive.

3. Brand Popularity

Brand matters a lot, as well. A specific premium brand can cost a little bit more because of its quality, premium stuff, customer support, popularity, and many more features. For example, there is a special reputation and respect for brands like AlienwareAsusRazor, and a bunch of others as well in the gaming market, so these brands usually cost more than regular gaming laptops. This can also be a factor of gaming laptops being so much expensive.

4. Graphics Card (Nvidia vs AMD)

Another big reason for gaming laptops to be so expensive is the different brands of graphics cards installed on laptops, such as Nvidia or AMD Radeon.

There are some features in both cards by which the price can vary and impact the laptop’s price. For example, there is not that much heating issue in Nvidia cards, but in those laptops that have AMD Dedicated Graphics Card installed in them, there can be a heating issue.

Because of this little feature, the price can vary in various laptops, I have just mentioned one example, there are a lot of other features as well that are good in Nvidia but are not in AMD Graphics, and there are some cool features that are in AMD but not in Nvidia Graphic Cards.

5. Battery Performance

In gaming laptops, a big battery can also be a factor of being so much expensive. There is a difference between a normal laptop’s battery and a gaming laptop’s battery.

Because gaming laptops have to consume a lot of power because of their specs. There should be a better battery installed in comparison with a normal laptop. Because of a bigger battery, there can be a price increment as well in gaming laptops.

6. Desktop Performance In A Small Package

Another factor of gaming laptops being expensive is that they give you a desktop performance in a small size that you can carry with yourself anywhere you want.

You can connect a gaming laptop via HDMI to any other big gaming monitor or Television. And can experience gaming on a bigger screen. So if you are getting what you are getting on a desktop gaming PC in a small size, then defiantly, it should be expensive.

My Personal Thoughts

Gaming Laptops can be very expensive because of their small size and desktop performance, you can carry a desktop performance device anywhere easily with yourself. There is a lot of manufacturing cost as well on gaming laptops that make them much more expensive than a regular laptop or a PC. You can get a lot of interesting things on a gaming laptop instead of a gaming PC. In my opinion, I think this is fair that gaming laptops are expensive because they are offering much more as well.


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