How to Use Radmin VPN for Minecraft

Minecraft is still the most playable game in the gaming market. Suitable for all ages but children loved it to play. Minecraft has a huge fanbase and lots of consoles filled space with this game.

Minecraft without friends? No way… people loved to play with friends but Minecraft has no dedicated server as the community hosts their own servers. You can also create your own server if you like to. Minecraft server for the public could fail sometimes so in this situation because of NAT or ISP restrictions so you won’t make your own server for the public. That is why your friends couldn’t find you or unable to see you.

Radmin VPN for Minecraft

So, there is a way to bypass these restrictions after creating a LAN server. Normally you need the same physical network to connect to the LAN server to play. So you need a Radmin VPN to bypass the restrictions.

Radmin VPN for Minecraft

Radmin VPN to play Minecraft:

1. Download Radmin VPN from the official site.

2. Install Radmin VPN

3. Click Create Network button in Radmin VPN

4. Write Network Name and choose a password (6 characters minimum)

5. Click on Create button

6. Now Share the network name and password with your friends to play together

Host Minecraft LAN server:

1. Start Minecraft on Host PC

2. Click on Single Player

3. Click Create New World button

4. Write World Name and select Create New World button

5. After loading your world press the Esc key

6. Click on Open to LAN from the menu

7. Customize your LAN game settings

8. Select Start LAN world

9. Write down the port number (5 digits) for your friends to connect

Minecraft LAN server:

  1. Start Radmin VPN client on PC

2. Click on Network button on main menu and select Join an Existing Network

3. Type the name of server and password

4. Select Join button

5. Note down the host network IP

6. Start Minecraft game on your PC

7. Select Multiplayer button

8. Click Direct Connect or Add Server button

9. Write the Server name

10. Type IP and Port number in Server Address box (e.g. AB:CD:EF:GH:64298)

11. Click Done button

Minecraft Public server will work depends on chance. So don’t get worry if you face any issue and try to troubleshoot it if you know what error you are facing. It’s didn’t mean that it is impossible to create Minecraft public server. If you are succeeded then you will play the game with your friends. Once you connected with the Minecraft server you and your friends can play together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play games on radmin VPN?

Radmin VPN has the option of creating a Gaming Network. Select Join Network and select Gaming Network tab. More than 10000 gaming networks are available to join. Share your Network Name and Password to invite buddies on your network to play together.

Can you host a Minecraft server with a VPN?

Radmin VPN does help. If you want to allow your friends to join your network simply share your Radmin VPN gaming network username and password. But if you know about the routers then you can invite others after sharing your Internet Routable IP address and port number to connect but it’s for professionals.

How do you play Minecraft over LAN?

Click Play. create a New World button in Minecraft. Edit the world by clicking the pen icon. Go to Multiplayer and make sure that Visible to LAN Players is enabled. Start the world after choosing Play or Create.

How do you use a Radmin Viewer?

Start Radmin Viewer on your PC. Select Connect to in toolbar button. Enter the remote IP address of the computer. Click on Full Control mode and Click OK. Enter Login ID and Password to connect the Radmin Server security settings.

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