How Can I Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4

In the event that you are a devotee of gaming, you will adore the force and highlights that PS4 gives. PS4 is probably the best control center for gaming and gaming on it is very fun. You can meander for quite a long time with the high-goal ongoing interaction, more than hundred of gaming alternatives to browse, and play for quite a long time. Regardless of whether you like key games, activity games, or need to go out of control, to kill zombies all over the place, the PS4 control center will cover it for you.

Thus, what might be said about similarity, at times we don’t have a screen accessible at home to play as somebody is staring at the TV or most pessimistic scenario is the point at which your TV is out for fixes! On those circumstances, numerous gamers are interested about how to utilize the PC as a screen for PS4. It will permit the players to get straight into it utilizing their PC as screen and they don’t need to hang tight for their chance on the TV until the end of time.

PS4 is an extremely powerful console for gaming, especially when it comes on performance. It gives you the most efficient gaming performance to boost your gaming experience. And because of its features, PS4 fans usually like to do hours of gaming on it. PS4 covers all type of genres of games you like to play, whether they are open world action games or strategic.

Now, what if we want to play our games on a different screen, maybe on our personal laptop’s display? Because we don’t have our TV available right now, its out for a repair or perhaps someone else is currently watching their favorite shows. There comes a question about how can i use laptop as monitor for PS4? In this article i am gonna show you some ways to do that.

Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4

How can I use laptop as monitor for PS4?

It is easy to say but using your laptop’s screen as a PS4 display is not that easy. There are some a little bit complex processes. In this article i am gonna be writing two best ways to connect PS4 with a laptop’s screen.

Using Remote Play

Remote Play let’s you to control your PS4 from anywhere using the Remote Play App. It do requires a high speed internet connection but trust me its worth it. Using Remote Play you can access your PS4 through your laptop and you will be easily able to play your favorite games.


  1. Download Remote Play App for your laptop. You can download it here
  2. It will come with an installer, open it and install.

  3. After Installing, run the app, and from the window that is gonna popped up, click on Sign In to PSN, and sign in with your PSN Account.

  4. Choose your console, in your case PS4

  5. After that, it will ask you to enter the code

  6. Now On your PS4 select Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings > Register Device, you will see a code.
  7. Now enter that code in the Remote Play app on your Laptop.

Congratulations, now you can use your laptop’s screen as a monitor for your PS4. Keep in mind that this method requires high-speed internet to enjoy the smooth experience possible.

Using HDMI

This method to connect a PS4 display with a laptop is a little bit complex, but I am gonna make it easy for you to do that by making step by step guide. For this method, you will have to need a video capture card, stable internet, and an HDMI cable.


  1. Install Video Capture Card (VCC) on your PC with the help of USB port. You must have HQ VCC.
  2. Connect your VCC via S-Video Cable. HDMI (IN) to VCC and HDMI (OUT) to console.
  3. Run software Video Capturing Card (VCC) after turning your console ON. Your Console will appear on screen.
  4. Play your PS4 on your Laptop using HDMI cable with the help of VCC.


Now you know who to use Laptop as Monitor for PS4. Summarize it for you that you can connect PS4 with Laptop or PC with the help of Video Capturing Card or Remote Play. These are very easy methods. Try both the method but Sony recommends Remote Play as an official gaming streaming solution.

The Conclusion

Gaming is a top source of entertainment. Gamers feels better when they have good game and lots of time to play, so the current situation of Covid-19 gave them opportunity to spent maximum time with their beloved consoles. Play More, Play Safe and don’t forget to “Wear a Mask”.

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