How to Turn off CCLEANER Notifications

CCleaner is a little program that gets your Windows 10 PC free from pointless records. It can viably let loose circle space just as fix library mistakes which can bring about a lift in PC execution. Assuming you have this program introduced in your PC, you may have seen that you are getting a few cautions from it to play out certain activities. These alarms that disclose to you that a specific measure of plate space can be cleared can at times get irritating. In this most recent portion of our investigating series we will tell you the best way to stop CCleaner alarms on windows 10.

Impair CCleaners Alerts In Windows 10

CCleaner is a standout amongst other framework enhancement devices that you can download for your PC. It can save you some extra room by getting out garbage records and can caution you when it recognizes that it can tidy up your framework. This alarm checking framework anyway can go through your framework assets which is the reason you ought to consider turning it off and rather physically do a framework filter.

Time required: 2 minutes.

Mood killer framework observing of CCleaner ( free form)

Open the CCleaner application.

You can do this from the Start menu program list.

Snap on Options.

This is situated on the left sheet with a symbol of a stuff.

Snap on Smart Cleaning.

This will open the settings for savvy cleaning.

Uncheck the choice for “Reveal to me when there are garbage documents to clean”.

This will stop the cautions about saving plate space.

Uncheck the choice for ” Enable Active Monitoring”.

This will keep you from getting any alarms from CCleaner.

Snap on the Yes button on the exchange box window that shows up

This will save the settings.

In the wake of playing out the means recorded above you will viably stop CCleaner alarms on Windows 10.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to get warnings from CCleaner just as other applications then you can kill this from the Windows setting.

Mood killer CCleaner notice from Windows Settings

Snap on the Start button.

Snap on Settings.

Snap on System.

Snap on Notifications and Actions.

Mood killer the switch for Notifications.

Observe that when this setting is off you will not be getting notices from applications and different senders.

CCLEANER is a tool to wipe your Temp Files, Cookies, Cache and Recent Files. Two types of versions are available, one is free and one is paid (especially Pro or Business Edition etc). You can disable CCLEANER notifications from the app or from Windows settings. Let’s dig in…

Step By Step Guide to Turn off CCLEANER Notifications

1. CCleaner free version has two monitoring settings to disable pop up notifications. Open CCleaner (Free Version) and click on Options.

2. Here you will see further options or settings. Click on Monitoring.

3. On this page you will see Enable System Monitoring is checked.

4. Uncheck the Enable System Monitoring

5. Uncheck Enable Active Monitoring

6. You will get a warning Message to Disable Active Monitoring Click Yes

Now your notifications from CCleaner app is disabled. You can also right-click on CCleaner app icon so Turn CCleaner manually off by clicking Exit. It will turn off CCleaner monitoring. To run again click on CCleaner icon.

Disable notification from Pro Edition or Business Edition

Enable automatic browser cleaning to prevent any notification

Disable Notifications from Windows Settings

1. Click on Windows settings (Windows 10)

2. Click on System (Display notifications power)

Turn off CCLEANER Notifications

3. Click on Notifications & actions

4. Scroll down to Get notifications from apps and other sender and turn it off. (It will turn off all the apps notifications)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off Microsoft notifications?

Turn off notifications from Windows settings or from CCleaner settings by disabling System Monitoring and Active Monitoring.

How do I stop unwanted notifications on my computer?

Disable notifications from Windows settings, System (Display Notifications Power), Notifications & actions, turn off Get notifications from apps and other sender.

How do I remove CCleaner from my taskbar?

Unpin from taskbar by right click and select Unpin to task bar or Options > Advanced and un-tick ‘Enable Windows Jump List Tasks’.

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