Fix – The Update Is Not Applicable To Your Computer

Windows update is the integral part of Windows system. Security, Driver and Software updates are necessary to run Windows properly.

Sometimes users complaining about the error “This update is not applicable on your computer”. After getting this error there are so many questions in mind that why my Windows is not installing updates on my computer. When any user gets this type of error not only related to Windows update but also like software installation then it’s mean that you have a compatibility issue or some part is missing. Compatibility issues mean that your update or your software is not compatible with your Windows or version of Windows and some part is missing means that your update files are missing.

So you have to clear your mind first and apply a better solution to get rid of this error. Let’s find the causes and their solution to tackle the error.

What causes the “This update isn’t appropriate to your PC” error message

Before we dive into on how these issues could be fixed, we need to decide the potential causes. Here are the most regular situations.

Unparalleled Update bundle: The update that you are attempting to introduce probably won’t be intended for your framework, or it probably won’t be viable with your processor engineering. You should ensure that it coordinates with your framework specs.

Update previously introduced: Maybe the update that you are attempting to introduce is now introduced into your windows. The best way to track down this out is to check the update history.

Issue with windows updater: An issue might have happened with the windows updater, which could make the update not introduce. To fix this you should utilize the investigator.

Latest update probably won’t be introduced: Maybe the latest KB update isn’t introduced in your framework. You should introduce it to sort the blunder out.

Degenerate framework records: Corrupt framework documents could be keeping the updates from introducing appropriately, so running a DISM and SFC output could be out.

Wrong framework region: If you are getting the “this update isn’t material to your PC” mistake and can’t discover any reason then, at that point take a stab at changing your framework region to English. An off-base district could make this issue show up.

Update Already Installed

If you try to install an update that is already installed in your Windows then you will get this error so first of all check the update history. If the required update is already installed then you do not need to re-install the update.

To check update history, go to Settings > System & security > Windows update > Update history.

Unmatched Update

When you manually download any update and it is not matched with your installed Windows then it will not install because of compatibility issues. Some time your processor architecture is different (32bit or 64bit) then you have to download and install your update which is as per your processor architecture.

Windows Updater Problem

Internet speed or some kind of error in Windows updater can create a hassle to install the update. Check your internet speed or try to fix this via Windows update troubleshooter.

Run Windows Update troubleshooting go to Settings > System & security > Troubleshoot.

Update Is Not Applicable To Your Computer

Corrupt System Files

It is also the big cause of error and you have to fix this issue with the help of DISM and SFC scan from your CMD.

In the search box just type CMD and Run as administrator.

Write in CMD DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press Enter.


When DISM is done, write sfc /scannow in command line and press Enter.

SFC Scan

After applying SFC scan command, restart your computer and install Windows update.

Most Recent Update Might Be Missing

The most recent update that is missing or not installed in your system can also cause this error. Install the most recent update in your system to fix the error.

Wrong System Locale

If your system locale is not English then please change it into English first and then try to install the update. The wrong locale is also affecting the Windows update installation.

Windows Architecture

In Control Panel go to Region settings and select Match Windows display language (recommended)

Try all these settings and command after Backup of your Windows or create restore point is recommended.

How do I fix this update is not applicable to your computer?

1.         Update package must matches to your Windows version.
2.         Update package matches to your Windows Processor Architecture.
3.         Check Update History.
4.         Run Windows Update Troubleshooter.
5.         Update Windows with most recent Update.

Why the update is not applicable to your computer?

If you try to install the update and you receive this error message just check the package and confirm that it is matched with your Windows version and Windows System Locale.

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