How to Check if Something is Downloading in Background Windows 10

Windows OS is very complicated software, and most work happens calmly in the background. Windows also requires users to stay connected to the Internet to download the latest Windows updates and security patches.

That said, sometimes, you might notice that your computer has used all the bandwidth to download something without asking the user. Although this might not be a problem for everyone, for those who have limited internet bandwidth, it can cause difficulties, slow down their bandwidth.

If you are also disturbed by this mysterious background process that monopolizes your internet bandwidth, here is how you can find out whether Windows 10 downloads something in the background and stop it.

Task Manager

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  2. In the Process tab, there is a column Network. Here you will see the usage of apps that are using your network.
  3. To stop the task, right-click on the app and select End Task.
Task Manager Network Usage

Resource Monitor

Windows Key + R will open the Run box.

Type resmon in Run box and press OK.

Click on Network Tab on Resource Monitor

Resource Monitor
  • Expand the Network Activity Tab. In the image, you can see the processes that are using the highest network data like Chrome and other windows related apps. Resource Monitor will show you the live network usage and it is the best solution to monitor your Network activity and also monitor the CPU, Memory, and Disk usage.

Windows Update Process

Most of the time your windows update used most of your network. You can see in the Task Manager Process. Service Host: Network Service (Delivery Optimization). You can stop Delivery Optimization via the End Task.

Disable Windows Update

Task Manager Network Usage

Type gpedit in the search bar

  • In Local Computer PolicyComputer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows Component  – Windows Update.
  • Double Click on Configure Automatic Update
  • Select the Disable option to permanently disable the update.

Date Usage Status

  • Select Setting via Start Menu
  • Click on Network and Internet
Network and Internet in Settings
  • Click on Data Usage. Here you can see the usage detail of your Data from the Last 30 Days

DU Meter

DU Meter is a good app to monitor your Network Speed and Usage. Right, Click on the DU Meter icon on your task bar and select View Network Connections. Here you will see all the programs that used your Data / Bandwidth.

Best Bandwidth Monitoring Apps

  1. SolarWinds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor
  2. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor
  3. SoftPerfect NetWorx
  4. ManageEngine Bandwidth Monitoring Tool
  5. Ntopng etc….

Research and Suggestions:

Windows own resources continuously using Data / Bandwidth of your network but some may have to stop or some have to be run in the background for the good of windows. If you have viruses, malware, or any suspicious app installed on your machine then your network may be slow down because of these dirty things. Always install a proper firewall to prevent these issues.

Malware is the most common reason to slow down the network. Some spyware programs or infected/cracked software are the reason too.

If you had installed Windows Activator programs on your machine so it also causes the effect of windows/network performance.

Always install trusted software and Original Windows, it will increase the performance of your machine and also boost the network speed because there is no suspicious activity in the background.

Disable Startup Programs from your Windows that may run automatically and use your network speed with no reason. For this, you have to type MSCONFIG in your search bar and select the Startup tab. Here you can disable your unnecessary software to run in a startup especially those who use network/bandwidth.

Web Browsers only open your desired links but if your Web Browser is corrupted then there is a lot of chance that they use your network speed in the background and allow pop-up ads and slow down your machine performance and also use lots of data and slow down your network.

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