How to remove your credit card from Xbox

If you no longer want to associate your Credit Card on your Xbox and want to remove your Credit Card information then this article is for you.

In the present gaming environment, it is entirely expected for Visas to fill in as a fast strategy for installment for different highlights and additional items to your gaming framework. From online membership administrations to computerized games, adding a credit or charge card to your gaming framework positively has its advantages.

Obviously, as life goes on, you may have to change your credit or check card data for your Xbox One record. Notwithstanding the conditions, here’s the manner by which to eliminate a credit or charge card on your Xbox One out of two distinct ways.

Instructions to remove a Visa card from your Xbox One utilizing your PC

  1. Force on your PC or Mac and open your program. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  2. On the landing page, click the “Installment and charging” tab, then, at that point beneath it click “Installment choices.”
  3. On the following page, look down and find the Mastercard that you wish to eliminate by clicking “Eliminate.” The card will at this point don’t get charges identified with your Xbox One buys.

Using Web Browser to remove your credit card from Xbox

1. Turn on your PC and open a web browser. Log in your Microsoft account which you are using on your Xbox.

2. Click on Payment and Billing tab and your will find below Payment Options.

3. Here you scroll down and find the Credit Card information. Just click remove and confirm the option. Now you will no longer receive charges for your Xbox purchase.

Using Xbox console to remove your credit card from Xbox

1. Sign in on your Microsoft account on Xbox console.

2. On your controller press Xbox button.

3. First select System, then Settings after that select Account and in last select Payment and Billing.

4. Here you will see Payment options. Select Remove Payment Method your Credit Card information and then select Save.

5. You must have one payment method and a single payment method cannot be deleted. So add a fake one or an expired one if you no longer required to purchase.

6. If you are selling your Xbox and want to remove your payment information completely so just do a factory reset, this will delete all the saved information in your Xbox including payment details. If you want to sell with games just add the buyer credit card information and delete yours.

Need to change your billing address or add an installment alternative? You can do it on the web or on your Xbox One control center.

Sign in to refresh your charging address and installment alternatives.

To refresh your charging address:

Go to and sign in to the Microsoft account you need to refresh.

Go to Payment and charging and select Address book. You can add or alter charging and dispatching addresses from here.

Note To change your default charging address, you may have to add another location and afterward set it as your new default address.

To refresh an installment alternative:

Go to and sign in to the Microsoft account you need to refresh.

Go to Payment and charging and select Payment alternatives. You can add or alter installment choices from here.

Pick an installment strategy, and select Edit data.

Note Microsoft acknowledges installments from credit/check cards, PayPal, and ledgers.

remove your credit card from Xbox

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I remove my credit card from Xbox?

You must have one payment option in your Xbox and your payment option is attached as an existing subscription. Add another credit card that is no longer used or do a factory reset (Warning: It will remove all the data from your Xbox). You can pay the subscription charges with other methods.

How do I delete my credit card account?

Sign in to your Microsoft account and in the Payment and Billing option, you will find Payment Options. You can remove your credit card information from here.

How do I remove my credit card from fortnite Xbox?

Sign in and go to your Payment Options page. Click the trash bin icon in front of the Payment method and select Remove. Click Confirm.

Is it safe to put your credit card on Xbox one?

If you don’t want to purchase then do not add your credit card information or any of your family member. You can buy and pay your subscription charges from Xbox gift cards.

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