How to Remove Realtek Bluetooth Drivers Completely


If you found uninstall the current Bluetooth installation before continuing the error then you are having an issue with the Bluetooth driver or software. Most people reported this error.

Ways To Remove Realtek Bluetooth Drivers

Following are some ways by which you can remove Realtek Bluetooth drivers from your PC.

Uninstall your current Bluetooth Driver (Broadcom)

In Broadcom device please ensure that you have installed latest driver

Uninstall your current Bluetooth Driver (Dell)

A common problem in Dell Laptops reported for their Dell Devices. Completely remove your Bluetooth driver or software and try with the default windows driver.

Windows Bluetooth Error (Windows 10)

In case you have an external Bluetooth dongle plugged in your PC then you have to unplug it and restart windows and plug it again. Remove driver and install a new driver.

Bluetooth not functioning in Windows 10

  • Delete previously installed Bluetooth Driver and Software.
    • Right Click on This PC and select Properties
    • Select Device Manager
    • Right Click on your Bluetooth Device and Select Uninstall Driver
 Remove Realtek Bluetooth Drivers
  • Reinstall or Update your Bluetooth Driver
    • Right Click on This PC and select Properties
    • Select Device Manager
    • Right Click on your Bluetooth Device and Select Update Driver
    • Update your driver via Windows Update or manually if you have Bluetooth Driver on your PC
  • Unplug the external device and plug in another port
    • Unplug your Bluetooth Device
    • Plugin another port
    • If you have a built-in device then right-click on the Bluetooth icon and select Turn Radio Off and after a few while select Turn Radio On
  • Delete Bluetooth Registry Key from Regedit
    • Click on Start Menu, find Regedit, and select
    • Locate this key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{A17DEA095………..} or {A1439DEA…………..}

You will find your Bluetooth Device info in this registry (Different Bluetooth Devices have different Bluetooth Registry Name so ensure it first and right-click on the registry and Select Delete.
  • If everything in vain then try Different Module
    • Sometimes your module got faulty and didn’t respond in Windows then change your module and do not use Chinese Bluetooth Modules. Always buy branded modules from the market.
  • Ensure that you remove all the Bluetooth Devices if previously uninstalled
    • Check the temp folder of your Windows and search previously installed Bluetooth devices from your Program Files folder and ensure that you uninstalled all the previously installed Devices. Because previously installed device driver or software may interfere with the newly installed device.
  • Uninstall your Driver via Revo Un-Installer Pro or its better to search from the internet
  • Update Windows (But it is a time-wasting option)
  • Restore Windows or install fresh windows (if it is hectic then use other methods)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I uninstall Realtek Bluetooth Driver?

You can uninstall your Realtek Bluetooth Driver from your Program Files, Add Remove feature in Control Panel. Right Click on REALTEK Bluetooth Driver and select Uninstall.

How do I completely Uninstall Bluetooth Drivers?

1. Right-click on This PC
2. Go to Device Manager
3. Right Click on Bluetooth & Other Devices
4. Select Uninstall Bluetooth Device
5. Restart your PC

How do I fix my Realtek Bluetooth Driver?

1. Right-click on This PC
2. Go to Device Manager
3. Right Click on Realtek Bluetooth
4.  Select Update Realtek Bluetooth Driver
5.  Update it via Windows Update or manually if you download the latest driver from the Realtek website
6.  Restart your PC

Is it OK to uninstall Realtek?

Try to Disable your Realtek Device from Device Manager. Sometimes the un-installation may create some problem or not support if you reinstall the device.

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