How To Make Windows Genuine Using CMD

Today I am sharing an article to How to fix Windows 7 Not Genuine blunder on the grounds that my companions and per users request that I share the instructional exercise to make the Windows 7 certifiable without utilizing any Activator or Loader. After looking through part on Internet I found that we can likewise make the windows 7 real utilizing Command Prompt in only 2-3 minutes. I gave this technique a shot numerous PCs of my companions and cohorts so today I am imparting this article to you so you can likewise make your Windows 7 authentic and settle the ‘This duplicate of Windows isn’t real’ error. If you have parcel of cash then I prescribe you to purchase unique Windows 7 or Windows 8for Microsoft. So on the off chance that you need to fix windows 7 not real mistake utilizing order brief then, at that point follow steps that given beneath

Why Windows 7 Becomes Not Genuine :

Windows 7 becomes not certifiable on the grounds that people groups use activators and loaders to initiate the Windows 7.But I see that this issue additionally occurs for people groups that purchase the first authentic Windows 7.I think this happens on account of certain issues while refreshing.

The most effective method to Make Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt :

  1. Start your Windows 7 2. Quest for ‘ 3. Presently right-click on CMD and afterward click on
  2. Run As Administrator to run the order brief in Administrator Mode.
  3. The most effective method to Fix Copy Of Windows Not Genuine Error
  4. Presently type the SLMGR – REARM order on Command Prompt and press Enter catch to execute the activity.
  5. Presently a message shows that order is finished and your framework is need restart to finish the order properly.So restart your Windows 7 Computer or Laptop and subsequent to restarting your Windows 7 gets veritable and ‘This duplicate of Windows isn’t authentic’ mistake will eliminated from your Computer or Laptop.

Presently your Windows 7 Pc or Laptop is becomes genuine.So on the off chance that you deal with any issues in making your Windows 7 certified utilizing order brief then, at that point remark underneath or reach us by visiting our get in touch with us page.If making Windows 7 veritable isn’t working for you then you can likewise utilize Remove WAT Utility to make your Windows 7 genuine.You can get download connection and find out about it by Clicking Here.If you discovered this article supportive then offer it with your companions and different Windows 7 clients that are dealing with this issue.

There are a lot of activators or loaders available in online market but most of have a virus, malware or ransomware. It’s mean they are useless and risky so now a day people are trying for clean registration. Sometimes you install pre-activated windows but after few days it will expire and asking you for register again. The most common error in Windows 7 is “This copy of windows is not genuine”.

Step By Step Guide for Windows 7

Here is a step by step solution to activate your Windows 7 using CMD (SLMGR REARM Command). Which is Windows License Management Tool and this most safest and clean

1. Click Start Menu.

2. Open CMD (Command Prompt) and Run as Administrator.

Make Windows Genuine Using CMD


3. Type SLMGR -REARM (Press Enter).

4. Confirmation Windows will appear then click OK.

5. RESTART your machine.

Your windows is genuine now and your error message will disappear. If you receive the error again then try SLMGR /REARM instead of SLMG -REARM.

If you receive error 0xc004d307 then restart your PC and try again. Make sure you run CMD using Run as Administrator.

Activate your Windows 10 using Windows Digital Activation (Script)

Windows 10 Digital Activation with help of internet. You need an active internet connection to activate your Windows 10 (almost all the versions supported). All the files are 100% clean and checked by professional Antivirus. If you are offline and use this command then it will make pending the activations process till the active internet connection. After re-installing Windows apply the command again.

1. Apply command

2. You will get W10DigitalActivation.exe application in the same folder

3. Run W10DigitalActivation.exe as Administrator

4. Activate using HWID or KMS38



1. Open Notepad.

2. Paste below command in Notepad.

3. Save as Batch File.

4. Run Batch File as Administrator.


Supported Windows 10 Editions:

  • Core (Home)
  • Core (Home) (N)
  • Core Single Language
  • Core Single Language (N)
  • Professional
  • Professional (N)
  • Professional Education
  • Professional Education (N)
  • Professional Workstation
  • Professional Workstation (N)
  • Education
  • Education (N)
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise (N)
  • Enterprises (LTSB)
  • Enterprises (LTSB) (N)

(This activator does not support Windows 10 1507 version)

Note: Original Author of Digital License Generation without KMS is Anonymous. Download Windows 10 Digital Activation Script: Contact Us

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