How To Have Two Headphones On One Computer

Using two headphones on one computer is not always simple.

It can be frustrating when you want to share music or videos with other people and you know it’s not as simple as just putting two headphones.

For one thing, most computers only have one headphone jack. And even if you use two Bluetooth headphones or headphones that use different ports, you sometimes still need to play with your audio settings to get a good connection for both headsets.

The good news is you can learn how to connect two or even more headphones to your Mac or PC without too much trouble by following this simple guide.

Some desktop computers may have two or more Jack. That’s because they usually have a sound card that is stronger than the one on the laptop.

But, in general, most PCs and Mac only have one headphone jack. And as a laptop thinner and lighter, they are bound to maintain a single jack configuration.

This is not a problem for normal use everyday because most people don’t need more than one headphone jack for their computers. And because we want to take it around with us to work and travel, most people prefer to save them.

It’s also easier to only have one Jack because you don’t need to change the default audio settings on your computer.

This is because the computer can automatically recognize the connected device and set the required equalizer settings (EQ) for the best sound quality.

If the computer feels the impedance of 4 to 16 ohms, he knows it might turn on the speaker. And, if it detects 16 to 100 ohms, he knows it’s connected to the headphone.

This usually involves:

  • Connect two Bluetooth headphones to one computer
  • “Assign” every headphone to a different audio port
  • Use the splitter to divide audio connections between two headphones

Adjust settings on your PC or Mac

Starting with audio settings available for you can give you faster results.

You can access this through the control panel on the PC or system preferences if you use Mac.

Most people find it easier to set two headphones on Mac than on a PC. If you have a PC, you might have to experiment with a little setting to reach dual-headphone settings.

Use third-party audio-mixer software

Audio-mixer software lets you manage multiple sounds and unite it into one or more channels. Think of a voice engineer who compiled a varying source in the orchestra into a single soundtrack.

Audio mixers can detect multiple headphones and will allow you to choose which headphones you want to use from the program.

It’s a big hassle sometimes when you have to use two pairs of headphones with a single computer to enjoy a film or music video with your friend. The problem is, that most computers only have a single port of headphone jack in them. In this article, I am going to show you some ways about how to have two headphones on one computer.

There are two methods, one is by using a splitter and the second one is without using a splitter.

Using A Splitter

The first method is pretty much simple, and for that you will have to use a multi headphone audio splitter. Now the question is

What is a multi headphone audio splitter?

Multi headphone splitter is an adapter that can be used to connect multiple headphones in a single headphone jack. It is pretty much a useful device when one has to connect more than one headphones in a single headphone port of any device, like a mobile or computer.

Steps to follow

  • The very first action you have to perform is to buy a good quality of splitter.
  • After that, connect the splitter with your computer or any other device that you are using.
  • Now simply plug in your two headphones in the ports of the splitter.
  • Test them by playing any sort of audio, hope it’s gonna work. Enjoy.

In case you don’t want to use a splitter you can try the second method as shown below.

Without A Splitter

There are two methods, one is using a sound card which can have multiple audio jacks and the other one is by using Bluetooth technology if you have Bluetooth headphones.

Using A Soundcard

How To Have Two Headphones On One Computer

If you have a sound card with multiple input ports you can easily use multiple headphones on a single PC. But in case you don’t have one you can buy one for yourself. This will allow you to plug in multiple headphones with your computer.

Using Bluetooth

By using Bluetooth you can easily connect multiple headphones with your computer. For that you have to follow the steps below.

  • First of all, buy a Bluetooth adapter in case you don’t have pre-installed on your device.
  • After that turn on your Bluetooth headphones and pair them with your Bluetooth adapter.
  • Now you should be able to use two headphones at a time.

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