Fix – One of Your Disks Needs To Be Checked For Consistency

Windows is full of surprises and gives you different kinds of errors. You turn ON your PC or Laptop and you will see an error like “one of your disks needs to be checked for consistency” then you will surely think that what was happened when you shut down your computer. Do not freak out it is a most common error and the big reason is improper shutdown, power outage, or unplug your USB before completing the installation of Windows.

one of your disks needs to be checked for consistency
checking file system windows

When you get this error in black screen and a countdown to auto scanned the error. If you press any key it will abort the check. Microsoft recommends to scan your drive if you get this error because it will clear the basic errors and will not show this error on next startup.

Let’s discuss the causes and how to prevent them.

Improper Shutdown

Well the most discussed reason on internet about this error is Improper Shutdown. When you face electricity failure or you suddenly turned it off by continuous press the power button will give you this disk check error. Windows files are running in background and when computer face improper shut down so these files create issues for next start. Improper shutdown can cause windows corruption also.

Unplug USB during Installation

During Windows installation when you unplug the USB is also the cause of this error. Windows files were not installed properly can give you several error and check disk error is one of them.

Hanging Problem

If you Windows stuck or hanged during working and you remove battery of laptop or shutdown your PC with the help of power button will definitely give you check disk error.

How to Prevent This Error

Discussion about solution is last thing but it is much needed discussion is to avoid this error with some tips and tricks.

1.         Do not unplug your PC while working or during installation

2.         Do not shutdown your PC or Laptop with Power button while running Windows.

3.         Do not unplug your Laptop battery without turning off or during installation.

4.         Do not unplug your USB during Windows installation.

5.         If your system is halted or hanged then power off your PC and wait for few minutes and then turned it ON.

6.         If you have 2 HDDs in your PC then scan both with errors and from its Properties.

Solutions after getting Consistency Check error

First of all you have to backup your data. Apply Chkdsk command first to check disk errors. It can format your Drive so beware before apply the command.

Disable Automatically Disk Check from Windows Registry

Warning: When you try to make changes in registry it can corrupt your Windows and can be fatal for your Data. Backup Windows registry before making any changes into the registry. You can restore your registry if you did something wrong with registry.

1.         Write “regedit” in search box and Run as Administrator.

2.         Expand the Registry Editor Folders to this keys HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manage

3.         On the right pane you can see BootExecute. The default value would be autocheck (autochk). Add /k:c between autochk and it will look like autocheck autochk /k:c

Its mean your Automatic Disk Check is disabled.

Run CHKDSK command from WINRE

1.         Remove any bootable device like USB, DVD or CD and restart your PC.

2.         Press F8 before Windows logo appears.

3.         The Advanced Boot Option will appear. Select Repair Your Computer by pressing Enter.

4.         Click Next after choosing your keyboard layout.

5.         Click Command Prompt in System Recovery Options.

6.         Type chkdsk /f in command prompt and press Enter and again type chkdsk /r and press Enter.

Note: Chkdsk /r is for scanning the disk errors.

Check Dirty Partition or Drive

If you continuously getting error so you have to check the status of dirty bit.

1.         Type CMD in search box and Run As Administrator from right click.

2.         Type command fsutil dirty query C: (C means your C Drive you can check other drives also)

3.         If you get the message that Volume – C is not Dirty its mean that your Volume is not dirty but if you get the error that Volume – C is Dirty its mean that your volume is dirty.

4.         If the volume is dirty then try command chkdsk C: /f /x and press Enter. (C: is your drive letter)

5.         A process will start and after finishing check your disk with fsutil dirty query C: to ensure that the dirty status has been fixed.

6.         Restart your PC and check that the Consistency Error appeared or not.

Frequently Asked Questioned

How do I fix one of my disks that needs to be checked for consistency?

If you get this error simply scan your drive and if error appears again then try chkdsk /r command.

What is checking disk for consistency?

This error appeared to check the consistency of your drive and launched a scan to fix the errors. This error appeared after improper shutdown.

Why does one disk need to be checked for consistency?

The main reason is that when some files are running in background on that disk and your machine stopped working or power failure then the drive required consistency check because the files leave an error in windows volume.

What is Windows disk checking?

The main function of chkdsk is to file system scan on a disk and settle the integrity of file system or file system metadata and then fix the file system error.

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